Client are encouraged to give as much infornation as possible when sending work in to the laboratory. The following information is useful in the constuction and end result aesthetics of restorations:


When giving a basic shade, it is useful to give an indication whether the shade given is an accurate copy of the shade guide or if the tooth has areas of differing colour.


A diagram showing incisal transition, translucency or any cracks that are present in adjacent teeth may also be useful,

The patients age is also useful as a guide to the translucency (value) of the tooth.

Please indicate whether molars have translucent cusps or if they are milky white cusps and whether the occlusal areas are darker with staining in the fissures.


On larger anterior bridges the patient may want a particular shape or size, or on multiple crowns you may or may not want gaps. Please give the laboratory instructions regarding any improvements you or your patient may suggest.

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